Why Foundry Virtual Tabletop?

I could just say, “Because it’s awesome,” but that would be a copout.

I’ve spent 1500+ hours on Roll20, mostly as a GM. I’ve spent quite some time on Fantasy Grounds, always as a player. I tried to get a Tabletop Simulator game going, but the prep time proved too cumbersome to even get it off the ground. I’ve experimented with several other virtual tabletops as well, most of which couldn’t do the things I wanted them to. Foundry Virtual Tabletop is definitely what I consider the sweet spot.

Let’s look at the highlights.

  • It’s got modern software and code, and it’s miles ahead of Roll20 in this regard.
  • It’s a one-time purchase, which makes it a better bang for your buck than subscription options (assuming you play often enough).
  • It’s got an amazing developer community with hundreds of add-ons that make it incredibly flexible. You can set your server up to automate combat mechanics like Fantasy Grounds, keep things simple like Owlbear Rodeo, or anything you can imagine in between.
  • There are multiple ways to integrate with D&D Beyond (from syncing the game log so your D&D Beyond rolls who up in Foundry, to importing your assets into Foundry altogether).

To be honest, that was enough for me. Is it enough for you? Is there a better option out there?

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