Copper’s Favorites

These are some of my favorite products… the ones I use in my games and the ones that I consider to be some of the best out there. I’ll keep adding to this over time, but here’s the top of my list at the moment.

Hero Forge and Pixlr for Easy Top-Down VTT Tokens

In this video, we’ll break down the three easiest ways to create top-down tokens for Foundry VTT (or other virtual tabletops) using Hero Forge. Two of the methods require a subscription, but one doesn’t, and Pixlr makes the free method super easy. We’ll also compare tokens created with each method. Credit to artists: The mapContinue reading “Hero Forge and Pixlr for Easy Top-Down VTT Tokens”

Why Foundry Virtual Tabletop?

I could just say, “Because it’s awesome,” but that would be a copout. I’ve spent 1500+ hours on Roll20, mostly as a GM. I’ve spent quite some time on Fantasy Grounds, always as a player. I tried to get a Tabletop Simulator game going, but the prep time proved too cumbersome to even get itContinue reading “Why Foundry Virtual Tabletop?”

My Foundry VTT Setup

I’ve chatted with many people who run 100+ modules at any given time with their Foundry VTT setup, but my personal list is significantly smaller. I’ve tried (and probably reviewed) more than I currently use. You’ll probably look at this list and say, “Whoah! How does he survive without X, Y, or Z?!?!” Truth is,Continue reading “My Foundry VTT Setup”

Eight Great Foundry Virtual Tabletop Addons

There are over 900 modules for Foundry VTT, now! This is a quick overview of eight that I think are worth checking out, plus a bonus addon at the end that I’ve been working on myself. Check out Copper Dragon’s Hoard addon at: Credit to artists: Some of the map assets in the videoContinue reading “Eight Great Foundry Virtual Tabletop Addons”

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