Copper’s Favorites

These are some of my favorite products… the ones I use in my games and the ones that I consider to be some of the best out there. I’ll keep adding to this over time, but here’s the top of my list at the moment.

Why Foundry Virtual Tabletop?

I could just say, “Because it’s awesome,” but that would be a copout. I’ve spent 1500+ hours on Roll20, mostly as a GM. I’ve spent quite some time on Fantasy Grounds, always as a player. I tried to get a Tabletop Simulator game going, but the prep time proved too cumbersome to even get itContinue reading “Why Foundry Virtual Tabletop?”

Get Started with D&D

Where to start? I get this question a lot, and here are the answers! Despite the definitive answers you’ll get from some folks, there are actually a lot of different ways people get started in the hobby. The most common are A) joining a game that other folks are already running, or B) buying some of the products and getting started on your own. If you’re in Group A, congratulations! You already have a pool of players whose brains you can pick for these answers… but if you’re in Group B, I’ve got you covered!

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